“Because of the War”

Written by Sally Elliot

One Liner:  Love always wins

Brief Outline:  A love story set against a backdrop of World War Two and the seven years following.  Locations include areas in Texas, USA and south-east Queensland (Warwick, Texas, Brisbane area) Australia.

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The Ten Dollar Note

Delightfully quirky and a little bit retro, this amusing short film depicts a tramp and an executive in a quest for a discarded ten dollar note. Whilst each character eyes it off, they are hoping that the other hasn’t noticed it, until a cleaner comes along and swoops it into his garbage bag. Horrified at the abduction of the note, the tramp and executive suddenly team together and take off in pursuit of the cleaner. All ends in dismay when they retrieve the note, only to discover it was just half of a ten dollar note and useless to anyone.

  • Filmed on location in Bowen Park, Brisbane, QLD Australia
  • Thanks to Brisbane City Council for location use
  • Special thanks to Calais Industries Pty Ltd, supplier of CForce Artesian Water
  • Acknowledgment to Chris Kirby-Ryan, marketing